Hi, I’m Elizabete, a UX/Service designer,

currently based in Riga.

UI/UX Concept

EPOS Connect

The EPOS Connect App enables users to take even more control of their sound environment to make it more suitable for work.

Service Design&UI/UX/Concept

AirGo - SD/UX/UI

The concept that consists of a bracelet and app, that helps children with asthma to avoid air polluted areas.



App for custom made clothing.

User research, App prototype development, Remote testing

Coop Mad: Coop On The Go - Remote Testing

Coop on the go is a service that helps families and couples to do shopping in an easy way.

Service Design/User Research

EPOS - Project Owner

User Research, Opportunity mapping, Service Design/Business models. Confidential/Password protected.

My Blog

March 17, 2020

Best online collaborative tools for teams.

During the Corona outbreak and social distancing we spend a lot of time working home. It can be challenging, but it can also help us…
UX Events
February 13, 2020

UX Camp 2019.

What is UX Camp? UX Camp is an event that gathers UX'ers in an user-generated conference form. That means it has a self-organizing structure. Participants…

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