Elizabete Salte

I design digital and tangible experiences.

I hold a masters degree in Service Systems Design and I have a background in UX/UI/Digital design. I believe technology and design, has an endless potential to elevate human experiences.

I work with design, that is user-centred, that means, first: empathizing with the user.

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My design approach.

In my design process, it is crucial to apply design methodology and human-centred design approach, as well as co-design.

For co-designing I am passionate to facilitate workshops, to empower the user to take a creative role in the project process as well.

What They’re Saying

“Elizabete is very good at conceptual thinking, always seeing things in a bigger perspective. She is very likable, yet stedfast about her opinions, which she present in a convincing manner. She is loyal and hard working, with high professional standarts.”

Nina HallgrenHead of education and career, Teknisk Landsforbund

“It is a pleasure to have team members like Elizabete on board; taking responsibility for her own tasks, whilst still being able to support the overall direction of the company.”

Mikkel Bo RasmussenHead of marketing, Ideanote

“Elizabete has been very good at executing her tasks, turning our wishes into great results.”

Bastian GrostolHead of PR, Ideanote

In my free time

I’ve always been interested in photography. For a short time playing with analogue photography, I turned back to digital, and have combined it with my interest for skincare.

I like to stay active and do fitness, or yoga.

When I can, I like to travel.

I also write a blog.