AAU, 2020


5 Service Designers

My tasks

Service Design(Observations, quantitative, qualitative interviews, stakeholder map, personas), UX&UI(Flowchart, design prototype, prototype testing)


User research, app prototype.


How might we design a service that helps children with asthma to avoid air pollution and be change agents in the future?


About AirGo.

We chose to develop a concept that consists of an app and a bracelet. We are focusing on helping children 5-10 years old, who have asthma.

The child will be wearing the bracelet, that has an air pollution sensor. When the sensor detects air pollution, it changes its colour. In the app, the parents can follow the child’s exposure to air pollution.

On the right side, you can see a figure: stakeholder map, that I created to visualize all the involved stakeholders. This Service Design model gives a holistic overview.

Stakeholder map.


A storyboard – by my colleague was created to visualize the final idea. I’ve included this in my portfolio with their consent, to showcase the whole concept, which includes a wristband and an app.

Distributed System.

Overview of the AirGo Distributed System:

The app.

As I had expertise in UX&UI, my tasks in the project included developing a user-friendly design for the app. I started by creating a flowchart, which was followed by wireframes and the prototype. Further on I will represent my UX/UI work on this project.

From wireframes to design.

Here you can see 3 wireframes for the 3 main screens.

The finished design for the prototype, that is ready to be tested. I used this time Marvel, for user testing. I had to do it remotely, due to the lockdown in EU. I did the testing, by sending the link to the participant, and on the same time being on a video call – this type of different remote testing(see my other remote testing project – Coop on the go).

Project process:

Project was structured, by using IDEO design thinking. For project management, we used SCRUM and Trello. The project process, that follows now, including ideation, was done together with my 4 colleagues – where I also took an active part. The UX/UI part that I have showcased above, was done by myself.


Project started with research: both desk, as well as field research. We did desk research to get familiar with stakeholders, and factors about air pollution and families. Field research included shadowing, interviews, and survey. We involved users throughout the whole design process, by conducting interviews, and involving same participants in testing.


After being familiar with the user, we synthesized our findings from interviews and surveys, and created personas.


We used different ideation methods – to come up with the solution. 10+10method, brainwriting, cross connections exercise.


The app was designed inspired by pastel, airy colours to take a positive spin on topic air and air-pollution. The app was designed using Sketch and later tested using Marwel app.